saw some of your works on FB, popped my only to find more great pieces! truly inspirational
thanks for sharing your amazing work! totally love your angles and colours.
Stacey Prince(non-registered)
I love your website and beautiful images.
I am in the process of getting one together.
nice to see to Gopro camera in action
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Wow.. I am truly amazed by the creativity you have. The patterns are so brilliant and I could even derive some meanings out of these works. And most of these patterns, I think are easily found on the bark of the trees.
Tracy Grassel(non-registered)
Excited that I found a website of your work! You should definitely show more of your work to us in class as examples =)
BEST photography teacher ever!!
I have always preferred looking at photographs of people (no I'm not from the east coast) but I found myself drawn to the photographs you took of the wood.. I love them!! Thank you for posting
Teri (Kane) Ruiz(non-registered)
Hi Will - Was looking for you on facebook. So glad to see you are teaching since you were one of the best teachers I ever had! Please email me when you get time. Miss you!
Wayne Richard(non-registered)
It's good to see your diverse, creative work out on the internet Will!
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